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Links to Eye/Health Sites


Links to some of the sites online that mention Krukenberg's Spindle and/or Pigment Dispersion Syndrome:

Royal National Institute of the Blind There are around two million people in the UK with sight problems and RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind) is the leading charity offering practical support and information to anyone with a sight problem. Our pioneering work helps - not just with Braille, Talking Books and computer training but with imaginative and practical solutions to everyday challenges.

Handbook of Ocular disease management Pigment dispersion & Pigmentary glaucoma info.

Computer Vision Syndrome Helps identify computer related symptoms.

UK Self Help Information about self help support groups. The latest version of our directory of UK self help groups and support organisations is available as a free download from our website.

The New York Glaucoma Research Institute Find out about glaucoma.

Transactions of the American Opthalmological Society A unification hypothesis of Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.

Wills Eye Hospital Glaucoma Service Foundation.

GlaucoKids & Parents Chat Support Group For children and parents affected by glaucoma. Pigmentary glaucoma. Surgical options for glaucoma.

Nurses Eye Site. NHS UK Pigment dispersion syndrome. Photo of a Krukenberg's spindle.

Health Info Base Your source for Health News and Articles online.

Alcon España - Foto-Web Photos of Krukenberg's spindle and pigmentary glaucoma.

The Lubbock Eye Clinic and Optical Center Pigment dispersion syndrome.

Glaucoma Consultants Northwest Pigment dispersion and Krukenberg's spindle (scroll down page).

The Cornea and Eyeplastics Institute Krukenberg's spindle - graphic photos of eye conditions.

Eye Exams We're the Vision Council of America, and we're out to make our country's eyes healthier by encouraging regular eye exams.

Centre for sight Centre For Sight -a pioneering eye surgery centre for laser eye surgery, corrective eye surgery, vision correction surgery uk, performing bladeless lasik using latest technologies like IntraLasik under the guidance of medical director Mr.Sheraz Daya.

Other links:

Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.

Disasters Emergency Committee

Red Cross


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