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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get glaucoma?

Possibly, but unlikely with the following precautions:

  • regular eye checks with an opthalmic optician
  • laser treatment
  • eye drops
  • avoidance of exercise that 'jolts' the head
  • minimise the time spent in front of a computer monitor
  • try to avoid night-time driving
  • wear sunglasses in bright light.

What can I do to regulate the PDS?

See above. Also, try not to get too worried when diagnosed (easier said than done!)... high blood pressure caused by worry can cause a whole ball park of problems!

I've been advised by my doctor to avoid strenuous sports... what exercise can I do now that won't aggravate the PDS?

Really, any sport that doesn't jolt or jar the head. Some suggestions are:

  • swimming
  • cycling
  • walking / orienteering
  • yoga
  • tea dancing (waltzing, etc - definately NOT 'headbanging' or 'the Pogo'!)
  • rowing
  • golf
  • cricket
  • croquet (thanks to Ian in Australia for the last 4 suggestions).

*Please write in with any other sports/exercise you have found to be beneficial so that it can be added to the list.*

Sports/activities to avoid:

  • bungee jumping
  • judo
  • wrestling
  • boxing
  • long distance running
  • pneumatic drilling

My job involves sitting in front of a computer monitor all day. I can't afford to give up my job - what can I do to help my eyes?

Explain your condition to your employer... a filter screen in front of the monitor will help, a few minutes break at regular intervals, tinted glasses and perhaps a visor, as often the strip/fluorescent lighting hurts the eyes. Try not to sit too closely to the monitor.

My eyes are very light-sensitive, what can I do?

  • Wear tinted glasses/sunglasses/light reactive glasses on bright days and in bright light. (Edgar Davids the Dutch international football player wears tinted goggles following surgery for glaucoma in 1999. Tinted shades are also used as a fashion statement - Bono from the group U2 and Sir Elton John are two names that spring to mind.)
  • Sun visors/baseball caps with visors protect the eyes from light coming from above
  • Avoid driving at night


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