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I suppose this could be classed as my 'case notes'...

My name is Tracy Armstrong. I'm female, 46 years old, and I live with my partner and three children in Devon, England.

Eye colour green (used to be green/grey).

I am slightly myopic - I wear glasses for driving and watching the television.

Diagnosed with Krukenberg's Spindle in 2002. Eye pressure in right eye increased to 27mm Hg in March 2004 (had been 21mm Hg). At last check (August 2011), IOPs were down to 14mm Hg and 15mm Hg.

Photosensitive, particularly when driving at night or in bright sunlight.

Had laser treatment (Trabeculoplasty) in right eye on 25th August 2004.

Used to be on Xalatan (Latanoprost) eye drops.

I am not aware of any other member of my family having Krukenberg's Spindle or Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.

Tracy Armstrong

To see images of my eyes, click the photo above.

Other things about me that probably have no direct bearing on KS, but may correspond with others that have it also:

  • Some members of my family are asthmatic;
  • I had chickenpox twice (once as a child and again when I was 34) - one spot was on my right eyeball;
  • Noticed 'floaters' in eyes since a teenager;
  • I occasionally suffer from eczema (used to have steroid cream for this);
  • I used to suffer from travel-sickness as a child (same gene as asthma);
  • I've had a few bangs to my head over the years;
  • My blood pressure has always been fairly low (for years it was 100/70);
  • I smoke (roughly 10-20 per day... depends how stressful I'm finding the day!);
  • Most metals make my skin erupt in a red, itchy rash... silver seems to be the only metal my skin is comfortable with;
  • I am non-immune to rubella, although had it twice and had two injections;
  • My blood group is A+;
  • I am being treated for hypothyroidism (levothyroxine);
  • I have osteoarthritis.


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