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Krukenberg's Spindle and Pigment Dispersion Syndrome

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Welcome to the site designed specifically for people that have been diagnosed with Krukenberg's Spindle or Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Krukenberg's Spindle. I had never heard of it before, so I tried to find out exactly what it was on the internet. Initially, all I could find were veterinarians case notes, about a cat that had the same thing. Now there is more information available online, but the sites seem a little cold and impersonal, written by professionals for professionals.

I am not a medical professional, I have had no medical training, but here on these pages I am going to try to explain the following:

If you have been diagnosed with Krukenberg's Spindle, or Pigment Dispersion Syndrome, please share your experiences on here - remember, a problem shared is a problem halved! It could mean that we inadvertently help by finding a common denominator that we all share, something that no-one would have dreamed could have had a connection! If you are an opthalmologist, any help you can provide will be gratefully accepted - there are many questions that at present we have no answers to!

If you have had treatment for PDS, including laser treatment, eye drops, etc., your input would be useful for others that are about to start treatment, to allow them to be informed about what's involved and what they can expect from the treatment. Please post your experiences on the message board.

On the links page you will find links to eye sites online that have information or images about these eye conditions. The message board has postings from people around the world. If you are able to answer any of the questions asked on there, we would be very grateful. My thanks go to Dave Bennett for his help and time on the message board answering queries. Much appreciated, Dave, by us all. Postings from September 1st 2004 to November 2006 can now be viewed by clicking on the Archived Messages link. About me is really my case notes, I suppose, which contains a link to the images page (Updated) with images of my eyes taken by an opthalmic photographer and an optician. The favourite links page is pure indulgence on my part, and has nothing to do with eye conditions!

The stats for this site show that there have been visitors from all around the world - welcome to you all. If you have been diagnosed with Krukenberg's spindle or pigment dispersion syndrome, please get in touch, so that we can develop a support group/compare notes on treatment etc.

If you have any suggestions for the site or would like to submit your site to add to either of the links pages, please e-mail. Also, let me know if you've liked the site, found it easy to read, etc.

Thank you for visiting this site... I hope it helps!

Tracy Armstrong

This site is currently having a 'facelift'... if you encounter any problems, please email and let me know.

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