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This section is complete indulgence!

If you would prefer not to have an insight into my world, please use this Back to Eye pages link, or the home link on the left, either of which will take you to the home page of

I make no apologies for the addition of these pages - having got the eye site (excuse the pun) up and running, I realised that this was it, finito, I couldn't do any more. The site wasn't going to be changing much, except as and when people e-mail me re: Krukenberg's/PDS. Hence the complete indulgence of the following pages.

The Favourite Links page has nothing to do with eye conditions, the sites shown are links that I use fairly regularly. The chat room link will take you to the new chat room page, where you can talk to other visitors to this site (if visiting at the same time). Please let me know if you like this addition.

These pages are being changed as and when I get around to it. Please feel free to e-mail me with your impressions/ideas for the site.

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